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Uniquely Delicious Experience

The Spice Garden is family run a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a unique Indian Chinese fusion cooking. Our executive chef Sonam has 15+ years of experience in Indian Chinese and Asian cuisine. 
We serve 100% Halal fresh and flavor full dishes from India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


How it all started

Indo Chinese food was born in Kolkata - tracing  back to Hakka Chinese traders who settled in the city in the late 1700s, when it was the capital of the British empire in India. At that time, Chinese immigrants were largely silk traders, dentists, carpenters, and leather tannery owners, and started cooking their food using local ingredients.

What started as street food stalls in Kolkata’s Chinatown for Chinese immigrants, slowly transformed into full-blown eateries. Locals in Kolkata grew extremely fond of the sweet, spicy, sour and crispy food. the Au family of Kolkata opened the Nanking Restaurant in 1925 - this was Kolkata’s (maybe even India’s) first-ever Chinese restaurant.

Nelson Wang, an Indian chef of Chinese descent invented the first-ever Manchurian dish, the Chicken Manchurian at the Cricket Club of India in Bombay. Wang deep-fried cubes of chicken coated in cornstarch. He prepared a sauce with basic Indian ingredients like garlic, ginger and green chilly sauteed in oil. He then tossed it together with Chinese ingredients like soy sauce, cornstarch and fried chicken. Chicken Manchurian became wildly popular in India and resulted in the birth of many other vegetarian Manchurian option like Gobi Manchurian. Wang eventually opened his first restaurant, China Garden, which still stands tall in Mumbai and is owned by his descendants.

What is Indo Chinese food exactly? The harmonious blend of Chinese ingredients like soy sauce and vinegar with garlic, ginger, and chile peppers used in a prominent way — not as a way of seasoning the food, but rather as the primary ingredients of delicious dishes. 

According to a 2007 survey, Indo Chinese cuisine is now India’s favorite “foreign” cuisine, second only to local food, especially among the youth

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